Realty Kart

Prospective tenant can look here for details about suncity.

Around 30 Suncity Apartment Owners 

have chosen Realtykart to look after their property. 

What about you?? 

RealtyKart (pseudo tenant for owners & pseudo owner for tenants), we look after rental property on behalf of owner & tenant.

We look to set the standards for property management, administration and financial control and by utilizing the latest technology, to show our customers that we really care when looking after their home.

How are we unique???

Assured Rentals: You get your rent every month on time irrespective of tenant occupation.

Stress free life (Property Management): We are solely responsible for the acquisition of the tenants, inspection and maintenance of the flat.

Time Saving (Tenant query handling): We will handle all kind of tenant query and complaints so that you don’t have to invest your time.

Portfolio & Quick Links???

We are currently managing 670 flats in Bangalore right now out of which we manage 30 properties in Suncity whose details are mentioned in our website ( To get to know more about company business and how it works, you can watch a short video explaining or

you can also log on to our facebook account for a quick query. just drop a message,we will reach you.


“I am very satisfied with your services so far.” Harsh Deshpande, Owner at Salarpuria Sanctity

"Yes, the process was quite smooth and I have to tell you that the flat was in good condition." -Mr.Nagendra Rai, Owner of Suncity Apartment

Video Testimonial

So feel free to contact Realtykart on +91 080-4512 7777 / 9916007077 or log on to if you are considering for renting out your property.